What We Do


Be agile and highly competitive in
an ever-changing digital landscape

BaseLinked offer customised HR solutions to
scale-ups and enterprise companies struggling with:

  • In-house skills or resources for technical HR integrations
  • Technical readiness for new HR technology implementations
  • Poor performance of existing one-size-fits-all HR systems
  • Inadequate systems and tools for digital HR transformations
  • Personalised Approach

    Your HR needs are unique.
    Our first step is to gain a deeper understanding of what success looks like for you and how best
    we can achieve that within your current HR ecosystem.
  • Dedicated Team

    We offer a fully managed team with cross-industry HR and IT expertise to deliver a HR solution that integrates seamlessly and gets results fast.
  • Employee-centric

    Invest once and get value for years to come. Prioritize your people and drive efficiency from hire to retire.


  • Digital Employee Experience and HR Tech Audit, Readiness

    • Data and systems dependencies
    • Diagnostic review of existing technology stack
    • Readiness check for new HR tech implementation
    • Process and technology maturity
    • Effectiveness of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Digital Employee Experience Review
  • Solution Architecture and HR Tech Implementation

    • Removal of complex system dependencies and inefficient point
    • New adaptive HR solution architecture design
    • Seamless integration of data between disparate systems
    • Custom Application design and build of HR using Outsystems, RPA and other cutting edge technologies
    • Reporting and data analytics
  • Hyper Automation and Middleware Integration

    • Increase speed to market and path to value using no code/low code technology
    • Proof of concept of systems and tools against use cases to
      determine best fit
    • Process redesign using dynamic modular technologies
    • Management of multiple HR Technology and IT vendors

1. HR Tech Health Check

Readiness and maturity of existing tech process

  • Digital Employee Experience Audit

2. Digital HR Roadmap

Prioritise capability rollout and align
with business strategy

  • HR Technology Strategy and Dynamic Roadmap

3. Business Case

Needs, timelines, budget, benefits

  • Business benefits analysis

4. Technology Data Architecture

Design System Architecture
Data Integrations

  • Data Technology Design

5. Design Thinking

Employee journeys & process design

  • Employee experience and business process requirements

6. Vendor Selection

Run an RFP process to select product

  • Shortlisting vendors and solutions aligned to business goals

7. Technology and System Implementation

Resourcing, planning, deployment

  • HR Systems and Technology Integration

8. Support and Optimization

Post go live fixing and support

  • Hypercare, stabilisation and optimisation of your solution
  • HR Technology Strategy and Dynamic Roadmap

    • High level business and IT requirements mapping
    • Prioritisation of business needs and rollout strategy
    • Process tool improvements
    • Data governance and quality control strategy
    • Mapping of target solution architecture to defined business
  • Business case definition and RFP vendor selection

    • Analyse current issues to establish a clear business case
    • Prioritise and define goals, scope, and budget of the solution
    • Map business requirements to vendor services to identify any
      gaps and potential roadblocks.
    • Provide additional context for RPF selection
  • Decommissioning and HR Data Migration Strategy

    • Comprehensive assessment of decommissioning readiness
    • Dynamic data migration and applications backup planning
    • Monitoring and business continuity planning
    • Archiving systems and data aligned compliance policies


  • Technology & HR Solution Architects
  • System and Application, Engineers
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • BA & QA Consultants
  • Data and Test Leads
  • PMO Support

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