Improvement in HR technology

The average employee, however, now faces a bigger problem: burnout.
Overloaded with myriad tools and targets, dealing with blurred work and home boundaries, and spending more than one third of their work hours on email alone, the last thing today’s workforce needs is one more digital platform to keep track of.
Instead, forward-thinking companies build a technology framework that puts people first and takes a more holistic view of the employee experience.

The people-first approach to digital transformation

Smart HR departments know that there is more to digitisation than technology for its own sake. To prevent employee burnout, HR needs a big picture view.

  • How can we use technology to free our people up for deep and meaningful work?
  • How can digital solutions be integrated into the workday rather than causing overload?
  • How can we design a work experience that is more fun, more rewarding, and more interesting every day?

Rather than purchasing more and more stand-alone tools, organisations can use an employee experience-oriented point of view to design a digital HR roadmap that focuses on what the system can do for people, rather than the other way around.

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The new digital HR roadmap

Many HR departments are changing their whole service delivery model in line with this new way of thinking, to ensure their employees receive support tailored to their individual needs.
From rethinking workflows, to integrating tools, to providing multidisciplinary support, smart digital HR roadmaps consider every angle with a view toward providing a seamless experience that aligns with the business vision.

The future of HR technology

Your organisation is unique. So, when it comes to your HR technology, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That said, we do see key trends like AI, voice control, and machine learning poised to revolutionize tomorrow’s ways of working.
To future-proof your business, you need a clear vision for how technology integrates with employee experience, a focused roadmap for implementation, and a detailed plan of action.
Schedule a whiteboarding session with us to find out how to take the first steps. We’ll give you ideas and action steps you can implement right away to enhance your employee experience—completely free and with no strings attached.
Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, BaseLinked can help.

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Marcus Dasilva is the Managing Partner and Head of HR Technology at BaseLinked. He has worked as an HR technology expert for 25 years. Marcus leads the technology and automation practice, specializing in helping organizations digitally transform HR. His mission is to drive business value and efficiency through HR innovation in an ever-changing environment.
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