Improvement in HR technology using AI

Digital transformation projects are notoriously difficult to execute. There is an overwhelming amount of information to get your head around and a large number of options to consider. You need to develop a plan for overhauling longstanding processes and integrating new technologies that, in the long run, will streamline your operations and lead to tangible benefits.
However, in the short term, digital transformation projects can create real struggles. Making the leap to new technologies while maintaining organisational buy-in from staff and stakeholders is a difficult needle to thread.
At BaseLinked, we are HR digital transformation experts with a proven track record of success in what can often seem like a complex and confusing industry. Our people-focused approach to HR transformation puts the customer at the centre of the process throughout the entire journey to ensure success.
We’ve discussed before how HR transformation projects often fall short of their goals and fail to implement meaningful change by not focusing on the client’s requirements. So let us show you the benefits of our people-focused approach to HR transformation and what the journey looks like in practice. Whether you want BaseLinked to manage the entire process or help with specific steps along the way, we’re here to help.

Vision and Diagnostics

Every new business case begins with a detailed investigation of your current HR processes. How does your organisation enact HR policies and procedures? What workforce management or talent management strategies do you have in place?
It is impossible to find the right digital transformation solution without having a clear understanding of the problem. This means performing an audit of all technology and architecture currently in use and assessing your capabilities.
Performing high-level brainstorming and workshopping strategies allow us to:

  • Spot opportunities for improvement
  • Find areas of concern
  • Determine potential problems that may arise during implementation

Perhaps the most critical part of getting a project off on the right footing is aligning organisational goals and setting HR transformation objectives. What are you hoping to achieve with this digital transformation project?

Request for Proposal

Before building a digital transformation strategy for your organisation, we collate all our findings in a request for proposal to ensure all stakeholders involved approve of the approach. We recommend engaging with us as early as possible in the process to avoid costly mistakes and wasted resources.

Customer-Centric Business Case

Our customer-centric business cases for HR transformation are bespoke to each client. There isn’t a catch-all approach to HR transformation that guarantees success; if there were, we’d be out of a job. Instead, it takes an in-depth knowledge of the different software and technology available that can enhance an organisation’s HR processes.
This can mean integrating multiple new platforms to cover all your needs. For example, maybe you require new software to help your talent management? Maybe your payroll system needs an upgrade? Whatever it is, with BaseLinked extensive expertise of HR technology vendors, we can design a business case and HR transformation programme to match.
To be successful, business cases also need to be built on data and evidence, not assumptions and guesses. That means defining smart KPIs and methods for tracking digital performance to determine success.
Finally, it is important to remember that your HR transformation business case is not an on/off switch triggering an avalanche of new tech for your staff to learn. That type of approach doesn’t sustain real change and leads to confusion rather than streamlining. Digital transformation works best when it is introduced gradually, and everyone involved understands and believes in it at every stage.


Analysing how a solution fits your future plans is vital to produce meaningful change that lasts. Can we build in adaptive strategies that future-proof your HR transformation programme? To do this, everyone involved needs to understand your organisation’s roadmap to ensure the solution still solves the problem 1 or 5 years from now.

Delivery and Implementation

During implementation, the client requires support at every step along the way, and we need continual feedback from you to spot any problems or areas for additional focus. Our smart KPIs offer a data-driven approach that genuinely measures the success of your HR transformation project.

The Benefits on Offer When Working with BaseLinked

With BaseLinked taking you through the HR transformation journey, you get the following benefits:

Requirements and solution fit  

  • Design and Build the right solution first time that solves the right problems
  • All your requirements covered and aligned with your strategic vision

Solution and vendor management 

  • Complete end-end programme management
  • Seamless integration and management of multiple vendor’s technologies

Financial returns 

  • Avoid costly implementation missteps and redos
  • An overall higher Return on your Digital Investment (RODI)


At BaseLinked, we act as an extension of your team, bridging the gap between your organisation and potential HR technology vendors. Our people-focused approach takes the time to analyse your HR processes, through the lens of your unique culture, people and vision such that you receive an end-end solution that meets all your requirements laying the foundation for future success.

Marcus Dasilva is the Managing Partner and Head of HR Technology at BaseLinked. He has worked as an HR technology expert for 25 years. Marcus leads the technology and automation practice, specializing in helping organizations digitally transform HR. His mission is to drive business value and efficiency through HR innovation in an ever-changing environment.
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