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We partner with industry leading HCM & technology platforms.
Forward-thinkers whose innovative technologies help us deliver
people-centric solutions that drive operational excellence.



Named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites,
Ceridian is a powerhouse in human capital management, enabling
companies to focus on strategy while seamlessly managing
payroll, recruitment, administration, talent, and reporting.

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ATS and Recruitment


An intuitive all-in-one recruitment and applicant tracking system
(ATS) solution to attract, recruit and onboard with a strong
focus on candidate experience.

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Application Platform Low-code/No-code


A low-code platform with visual development capabilities and an
extensive library of pre-built application components and templates
to reduce development costs and time to market. We use this for rapid
application of new apps to fill in gaps in functionality left by other
vendors and for ease of integrations between systems.

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Revolutionizing HR with Low-Code/No-Code

Neptune Software

BaseLinked and Neptune Software are transforming HR technology with efficient low-code/no-code solutions. By enhancing SAP-based applications and beyond, we fill gaps traditional vendors miss, delivering agile solutions for modern HR challenges. Our approach automates and integrates HR processes, streamlining operations from recruitment to offboarding.

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Integration and Data Platforms


Low code/no code platform to easily automate your enterprise data and
application integrations. Create simple workflows or complex business
processes between cross-functional work groups. With powerful ETL
processing to build and manage integration pipelines and convert legacy
systems more efficiently.

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An innovative data loading tool to enhance data analytics. We use it to
build consistent, complex pipelines and to scale and support data
integration & ingestion.

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