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Elevating HR Systems Beyond Expectations

BaseLinked, in strategic alliance with Neptunes Software, is revolutionising the HR technology landscape. We specialise in low-code solutions, offering rapid delivery for HR functions and employee needs. Our expertise extends to composing applications based on SAP code, adeptly filling gaps that other vendors may overlook.

Are your existing HR systems struggling to keep pace with change?

Agile and Adaptive Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We provide the speed, adaptability, and agility required to create solutions that address today’s challenges. From integrating advanced analytics for data-driven HR decisions to automating routine tasks, we bridge the functionality gap efficiently.

Neptune Software has played a pivotal role in
revolutionizing the operations of numerous enterprises.

Expect More from Your HR Systems

Tailored Solutions Across the Employee Journey

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

    • Automated Recruitment Systems:
      Streamline your hiring process with AI-driven applicant
      tracking systems.
    • Dynamic Onboarding Apps:
      Create engaging, personalised onboarding experiences
      for new hires, integrating them smoothly into your team
  • Employee Development and Training

    • E-Learning Platforms:
      Develop custom e-learning modules for
      continuous employee training and development.
    • Career Pathing Tools:
      Implement tools that help employees visualize
      and plan their career paths within the organization.
  • Performance Management

    • Real-time Feedback Apps
      Facilitate ongoing performance feedback and
      recognition through intuitive applications.
    • Goal-Setting and Tracking:
      Innovative systems for setting, monitoring, and
      reviewing employee goals and performance metrics.
  • Employee Engagement

    • Engagement Surveys and Analytics:
      Utilize interactive surveys and advanced analytics
      to gauge and enhance employee engagement.
    • Wellness and Social Connection Apps:
      Foster a positive work culture with apps promoting
      wellness and social interaction among staff.
  • Compensation and Benefits Management

    • Benefits Portal:
      Offer a user-friendly portal for employees to
      understand and manage their benefits packages

    • Compensation Analysis Tools:

      Create engaging, personalised onboarding experiences
      for new hires, integrating them smoothly into your team
  • HR Management and Administration

    • HR Chatbots:
      Implement generative AI-powered chatbots for
      quick, automated responses to common HR queries
    • Document Management Systems
      Create a centralised, secure platform for
      managing HR documents and compliance.
  • Separation and Offboarding

    • Offboarding Systems:
      Streamline the offboarding process for a smooth
      transition for both the employee and the organisation.
    • Exit Interview Tools:
      Capture valuable feedback during the offboarding
      process to continuously improve HR strategies.
  • Reporting & Data Dashboards

    • Interactive HR Dashboards:
      Dynamic and interactive HR dashboards that
      provide real-time insights into workforce analytics.
    • Compliance Tracking Systems:
      Specialized dashboards for monitoring
      compliance with labor laws and internal policies.

Delivering Measurable Business Benefits at Scale

Forge Unforgettable Bonds, Build Employee Brand Heroes.
Effortlessly Design impactful Moments that Matter

Adaptable and Agile:
Composable Employee Experiences

  • Agile Solution Deployment:
    Implement employee experience solutions with
    unmatched speed and flexibility, enabling rapid
    adaptation to market changes and organizational
    needs. These agile platforms ensure your workforce
    stays ahead of the curve.
  • Rapid Customization and Scalability:
    Tailor employee engagement and collaboration tools
    swiftly to fit your unique organizational requirements.
    This adaptability ensures seamless integration and
    scalability to meet evolving business demands.

Empower and Engage your employees
with intuitive solutions

Modernization, Empowerment and Engagement

  • Employee-Centric Experiences:
    Upgrade your HR systems with modern, intuitive user
    interfaces. We ensure your HR solutions resonate with
    the contemporary workforce, enhancing user
    engagement and satisfaction.
  • Empowering Technology:
    Accelerate app development by leveraging existing
    developer skills. Enable the creation of custom apps
    using modular components, streamlining app rollouts.

Streamlined Integration for a Harmonious HR Ecosystem

Integration and Unified Experience

  • Connect to anything:
    Overcome the limitations of conventional app coding.
    Our solutions promote easy integration with any
    backend, cloud, or architecture
    , enabling a more
    cohesive HR technology ecosystem.
  • Unified Interfaces:
    Experience a single UX/UI across all your platforms, from
    desktop to mobile, ensuring a consistent user experience
    that boosts efficiency and accessibility.

Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime Work

Enterprise Mobility:
Enhanced Access and Productivity

  • Remote Work Enablement:    Facilitate remote working capabilities with our
    solutions. Allow employees to access vital HR functions
    and data anytime, anywhere, enhancing productivity
    and flexibility.

Partner with us to transform your HR systems
into adaptable, efficient, and user-friendly
platforms that your teams love to use.

Get more from your HR systems!

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