Integrations with Legacy Systems

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There’s increasing pressure for businesses of all sizes to compete in today’s digital market. But introducing new technologies can be a huge challenge, especially when you are bringing legacy solutions into the equation. Our team at BaseLinked are here to help your business evolve in harmony with your existing systems, for flexible and painless innovation.

Our approach to Application Modernisation gives you the freedom to improve your existing applications and software and bring your processes into the digital age. We know that adapting to new ways of working takes time, so we will be by your side throughout the whole process to ensure you and your team are confident and happy with your new technology. Our legacy system integration service includes:

  • Assessment of your current system – what’s working and areas for improvement
  • Clear reporting and advice on the best way forward
  • Modernised business applications with a familiar feel
  • Protection of your business critical data
  • Software and hardware enhancements
  • Data migrations
  • Project management
  • Enhanced data security
  • Cost efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved scalability
  • Future proofing
  • Improved user experiences
  • Improvements that align with your business goals