The use of HR technology to enhance a company's appraisals.

As companies continue to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, there has been a growing need for digital tools to engage and retain employees.

“By 2025, more than 50% of IT organisations will use digital employee experience  (DEX) to prioritise and measure digital initiative success, which is a significant increase from fewer than 5% in 2021.”

HR technology transformation has surged and while modern technology solutions are designed to streamline operations, increase productivity, and enhance employee engagement. What we’ve seen and learned is that a one-size-fits-all platform can never deliver the truly customised solution your employees expect.

That’s where low-code technology excels. Giving businesses the adaptability to create and customise their own digital solutions without lengthy software development methods and complex coding.

How the digital employee experience has evolved

The increase in remote and hybrid work has had a significant impact on the digital employee experience, with an overwhelming 97% of hybrid or remote workers preferring to maintain this new model.

With employees no longer in the same physical location as their colleagues or managers, the need for flexible tools, technologies and experiences that enable remote collaboration, communication, and productivity has skyrocketed.

The digital employee experience now calls for:

  • Digital communication tools such as video conferencing, messaging apps, and email to keep teams connected and collaborating effectively.
  • Access to digital resources including documents, data, and applications to be able to work effectively from anywhere.
  • Employee engagement to keep employees connected to their colleagues and the company culture.
  • Work-life balance to manage employees’ workload and balance their personal and professional responsibilities.

These requirements now come as standard for remote and hybrid work to succeed.

But to create a truly seamless and immersive digital employee experience you must show your employees how valued they are. By consistently innovating, automating and personalising experiences that make their jobs and lives easier.  

Prioritising a people-first approach in your digital HR transformation

Gartner’s Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023 report shows that “82% of employees say it’s important for their organisation to see them as a person, not just as an employee”.

Below are 5 ways that BaseLinked’s clients are transforming their work environments with  low-code technology:

  1. Leading with empathy and authenticity
    Through more personalised performance management experiences, for example, frequent feedback, coaching, pulse surveys and goal setting .
  1. synergistic change and career planning strategies
    Using data and analytics to recommend learning and development opportunities that are highly relevant to each employee’s job function and career goals. Also allowing increased ownership and planning of change decisions to employee. This can include personalised training programs,microlearning modules, and gamified learning experiences.
  1. Improving employee experiences
    Personalising employee recognition programs that reward employees for their achievements and contributions. Using digital communication tools and badges to celebrate moments that matter and delivering personalised messages to employees based on their interests and preferences in the flow of work. Also including customised benefits packages like flexible work arrangements, health and wellness programs, or a choice of retirement plans.
  1. Personalised onboarding
    Including customised training programs, assigning mentors or buddies, and providing resources tailored to each employee’s role and goals.
  1. Increasing flexibility for the future
    Prioritising talent mobility & succession planning through personalised development plans, and internal talent mobility, matching skills to opportunities and projects.

Platforms that offer one-size-fits-all HR solutions are rarely the magic bullet companies hope for.

Using low-code technology presents limitless opportunities to layer, extend and transform your existing HR technology system into the customised solution you need now and into the future. As we’ve learned over the past few years, change can happen faster than anticipated. But by using agile technology, organisations can scale, grow and excel in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

With a modern, integrated, and personalised HR technology platform, you can provide your employees with a more efficient, effective, and engaging HR experience that drives business results.

To learn more about how low-code technology can transform your existing HR technology system into a robust, flexible digital platform get in touch and have a chat with our Digital Employee Experience experts or join our upcoming webinar

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