HR solution for better employee experience

Low-code platforms can help you get the most out of your existing HR technology by enabling you to build and customise digital solutions quickly and easily. This might involve updating legacy systems, integrating disparate systems, or replacing outdated applications.

Having the agility to build high-performance applications without the complexity and timelines traditionally involved opens up a world of opportunities to deliver greater business value and better experiences.

What employees wouldn’t welcome the introduction of innovative technology to automate manual processes and open up access to the information they need, when they need it.

 Low-code technology makes enhancements to your existing HR technology easy through:


Customised applications allow you to create workflows, forms, custom data fields and reports tailored to your employees’ processes and requirements.


Low-code platforms can help you integrate your HR technology with other systems and applications, such as your CRM, ERP, or finance systems. This will help you avoid data silos, ensure your HR technology works seamlessly with other parts of your organisation and gives your employees greater accessibility to key data.


HR processes, such as onboarding, performance reviews, and benefits enrolment can be automated. Your employees can help you to identify bottlenecks and key areas to reduce manual effort, improve accuracy, and free up their time to focus on more strategic activities.

Mobile Accessibility

Build mobile-friendly self-service applications or employee portals that are accessible from smartphones or tablets. This helps you meet the needs of today’s digital-first workforce and provides a more connected employee experience.


Customise the HR analytics applications you need to get insights into employee performance, turnover, and other key metrics. Helping you make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.


Low-code technology can help you supercharge your HR solution by enabling you to build and rapidly customise digital solutions at scale. If the past few years have taught us anything it’s that organisations have to be able to innovate and adapt at speed to remain competitive and retain top talent. Having the capability to do this with no-fuss, low-code technology is a game-changer in these uncertain times.

To learn more about implementing high-performance low-code technology into your digital HR ecosystem get in touch with the team at BaseLinked.

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