Expert AMS for
Complex HR Stacks:

All-In-One Support and Optimisation

In an ideal world, choosing best-in-class HR technology
would not involve high costs, service delays, or compromises.
At BaseLinked our mission is to simplify your HR technology
operations by eliminating the need to work with multiple suppliers
to reach your goals.

Affordable Excellence

High Value, Zero Compromise

Our Application Management Support (AMS) streamlines the support and maintenance of your multiple best-in-
class HR platforms, transforming complexity into a strategic advantage.

We are a one-stop shop for seamless support and optimisation of your HR Technology systems, such as
Ceridian Dayforce, iCIMS, Culture Amp, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Personio, and many others.

Value Driven AMS: More Than Support

Proactive Partnerships for Enduring Value

We believe in proactive, deep-dive partnerships over quick fixes. Our mission isn’t just to solve; it’s to empower through knowledge, foresight, and continuous improvement.

Root-Cause Analysis for Lasting Solutions

We go beyond issue resolution. We do not merely band-aid issues; rather, we eliminate root causes and offer solutions that will prevent them from resurfacing.

Continuous Optimization, Today and Tomorrow

Standing still means falling behind. As a result, we embed continuous optimisation into every service, ensuring that your HR solutions are ready for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Value Over Transactions

We pursue interactions that are memorable and valuable, rather than transactions. Success will ultimately be measured by the increased effectiveness, performance, and strategic foresight we bring to your HR technology ecosystem.

Your HR Tech

Our top priorities are the resilience and adaptability of your solution. We embrace challenges, identify potential roadblocks, and collaborate to create a thriving, future-ready HR tech environment.

One-Stop solution for supporting
multiple HR System

Providing an end-to-end managed solution for organisations that lack the in-house expertise to navigate thecomplex
world of HR technology. We believe in strategic partnerships to maximise the return on your HR technology
investments, rather than just providing support.

No need to compromise your choices with our end-to-end AMS for
best-in-class HR Technology, HRIS and HCM.

No more vendor blame games

Our support services cover the entire HR spectrum, from the functional to the more technical, sparing you the
frustration. With us, it is simple: we handle the complexity and provide straightforward solutions and

Core Employee Lifecycle

  • Configuration of onboarding workflows and checklists
  • Automation of exit processes and checklist generation
  • Setup and management of performance review cycles

Talent Management

  • Configuration of talent pool databases and tagging systems.
  • Setup of succession planning tools
  • Integration with external talent sourcing platforms

Compensation and Benefits

  • Configuration of salary bands and scales.
  • Setup of benefits enrollment windows and rules
  • Customization of incentive and bonus calculation formulas

Employee Engagement and Wellness

  • Setup of survey distribution and feedback collection tools.
  • Configuration of wellness programme trackers and reward systems
  • Customization of recognition programme parameters

Root-Cause Analysis for Lasting Solutions

  • Configuration of onboarding workflows and checklists
  • Automation of exit processes and checklist generation
  • Setup and management of performance review cycles

Learning and Development (L&D)

  • Configuration of training portals and module access
  • Customization of career development tools
  • Integration with external training resources and e-learning platforms

Employee Case Management

  • Integrating collaborative tools for case discussions and updates
  • Configuring resolution workflows with predefined steps and checklists
  • Setting up feedback mechanisms post-case resolution

Time and Attendance

  • Setting up automated reminders for pending time entries
  • Customising shift patterns and scheduling templates
  • Setting up notifications for shift changes or conflicts

Custom Report Generation

  • Customising user-friendly dashboard interfaces withdrag-and-drop functionalities
  • Setting up automated notifications for deviations or anomalies
  • Setting up notifications for shift changes or conflicts

AMS support for your entire HR
Ecosystem Leverage intergration as a competitive advantage

Proactive Partnerships for Enduring Value

  • Configuring automated data migration processes from legacy systems
  • Setting up real-time data synchronisation between HR platforms
  • Implementing data validation and transformation rules

Payroll and Benefits Platform Integration

  • Setting up automated data feeds between HR systems and payroll platforms
  • Configuring benefits enrollment data synchronization with benefits providers
  • Automating tax and compliance report generation across platforms

API Integration and Development

  • Customising and extending APIs for third-party software integrations
  • Testing and monitoring API performance and uptime
  • Documenting and maintaining API endpoints and usage guidelines

Analytics and BI Tool Integration

  • Configuring data connectors to send HR data to BI platformssuch as Tableau, PowerBI, etc
  • Setting up real-time HR analytics dashboards
  • Implementing data warehousing solutions for HR data aggregation

Single Sign-on Authentication

  • Setting up SSO capabilities across multiple HR applications
  • Integrating with identity providers (IdPs) for unified access control
  • Configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocols

Collaboration Tool Integration

  • Linking HR platforms with collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, etc
  • Automating HR notifications and announcements via collaboration channels
  • Integrating HR calendars with team calendars for synchronized leave andevent tracking

HRIS (HR Information System) Integration

  • Mapping and synchronising data fields synchronisation and other HR tools.
  • Configuring workflow automations across integrated systems
  • Implementing reporting dashboards aggregating data from multiple sources

Talent Management Platform Integration

  • Integrating ATS, LMS, and other talent platforms for unified talent management
  • Configuring automated talent pipeline updates and notifications
  • Setting up shared candidate and employee profiles across systems

Your partnership with us ensures

We provide top-tier support for your diverse HR systems at an affordable price, ensuring that you do not
overpayfor best-in-class technology.

No More Delays

Our operations are based on efficiency and timeliness, so you get the help you need when you need it.

Service Without Compromise

Certified consultants in all major HR tech platforms are true experts committed to providing nothing less than the best.

Simplified Processes

Complexity is a thing of the past. We take care of the complexities so you can enjoy the enhanced performance of your HR systems.

Anticipate and Resolve

We preempt and address challenges before they reach you, ensuring a pain-free path to HR tech success.

Transforming Application Management Support:

Your Strategic Ally for Achieving Excellence in HR Technology

Redefining the path to best-in-class HR technology adoption through deep expertise and our commitment to
delivering value. It’s not just about support; it’s about elevating your entire experience and removing unnecessary
strain, both on your time and resources.

Ready for an HR tech AMS experience that thinks outside the box?It’s time to experience the simplicity,
effectiveness, and excellence we bring to the table.

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