Digital HR transformation

At BaseLinked, we believe people-centric, and evidence-based strategies are the key to delivering successful digital HR transformation programmes. We begin by building bespoke HR transformation business cases that, when implemented, provide real measurable benefits. Our business cases ensure you get a return on your digital investment and any new technologies adopted fit your organisation’s people, culture and vision.

What is Digital HR Transformation

Digital HR transformation is the process of incorporating technology into all areas of HR. This involves changing HR operational models to utilise automation and data-driven approaches.

Technology is constantly evolving how businesses operate and organise for success. In the modern world, workplace systems that create value require technology in order to optimise their approach. This is precisely the aim of Digital HR transformation, to utilise technology in our workplace systems and transform the way companies create value.

Benefits of Digital HR Transformation

Incorporating technology and data-driven strategies offers a range of benefits, including:

  • HR Efficiency Improvements – Digital transformation can streamline and automate HR processes, improve communication channels, and better track employee activity to enhance the day to day HR activities of your company.
  • HR Analytics – Tracking data related to your HR processes allows you to gain a complete picture of your business’s workflows and gain valuable insights for improvement. This can mean identifying bottlenecks, spotting predictions and trends or finding actionable steps to improve business strategies.
  • Digitise Employee Data – Having a single digital source of data that encompasses all your company’s employee related information is the most effective way to ensure that information is available seamlessly when needed.
  • Boost Employee Experience – A more efficient, agile, and employee-centric solution to HR capabilities produces a better experience for your staff, allowing them to focus on other tasks. In addition, Digital HR transformation offers soft benefits in the form of employee engagement and new opportunities for professional development.
  • ROI – When executed correctly, digital transformation offers hard benefits: saving you time and money, easily outweighing your investment.

People First Business Cases

Digital transformation can dramatically improve your HR operations. However, many projects break down or fail to maximise their potential when they lose sight of the end-users and refuse to take a people-first approach.
Transformation projects, in general, are challenging. They mean convincing an organisation’s employees to move on from embedded processes in which they often have years of experience. Surveys from Mckinsey show the success rate of transformation projects remains consistently low at less than 30%.

Old fashioned methods of building business cases for digital HR transformation programmes have many pitfalls. They are driven by specific tools, technology, metrics, and unvalidated speculation. Instead, the smart way of building a business case focuses on people and the problem that can be overcome using technology.

At BaseLinked, our approach begins with the real people on the ground dealing with the problem. A typical BaseLinked business case consists of four steps:

  • Ask: Asking the right questions is key to a successful business case. What is working? What isn’t? And how can we find a solution that gets to the crux of the problem and truly serves our client?
  • Check: Ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page and the solution aligns with everyone’s vision statements.
  • Investigate: Find methods to turn the vision into a reality. This means being tool-agnostic and investigating to find the best option available. During this step, we typically implement pilot programs to determine the performance of the chosen strategy.
  • Discover: What can we discover from the data and feedback produced? This means working with the business closely to find meaningful metrics that truly measure success.

At the end of the day, digital HR transformation is a process, not an immediate solution. Your business case doesn’t have to deliver the entire project at once. In fact, better results often occur from building out a roadmap, working incrementally, remaining agile and adapting to data and feedback throughout the project.


To be successful, your unique business case requires significant critical thinking. At BaseLinked, our team of experts can take you through every stage of transforming your HR capabilities to reflect the best strategies and tools available that fit your needs.
With decades of experience, our team knows retrofitting your organisation to fit specific technology, tools, and data often loses sight of the real problem. We believe technology should always remain in the service of business, not the other way around.
Download our Digital HR Business Case Builder and take the first step in transforming your HR operations to serve your company better.

Marcus Dasilva is the Managing Partner and Head of HR Technology at BaseLinked. He has worked as an HR technology expert for 25 years. Marcus leads the technology and automation practice, specializing in helping organizations digitally transform HR. His mission is to drive business value and efficiency through HR innovation in an ever-changing environment.
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