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Ready to go HR Process Map and Requirements Solution

We are here to support you through the different stages of your project’s lifecycle,
digging deep into how your business works.

Our comprehensive Process Map and Requirements Solution includes:

  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Preparation and review of tender documents
  • Analysing which processes and products are suited to your business
  • Vendor liaison, shortlisting and management
  • Project planning and preparation
  • Ongoing support post “go-live”

HR Solution Architecture Analysis and Design

As experienced HR technology specialists, we are your go-to service for HR projects that deliver lasting results. We have helped many clients create new HR organisations, processes and practices and discover measurable, cost effective improvements.

We know that HR is a crucial part of any successful organisation, supporting growth and performance as well as ensuring compliance and good practice. We will work with you to identify the key characteristics of your HR function and uncover areas of improvement, creating a new infrastructure to support you and your people.

HR Solution Architecture Icons
Our comprehensive HR Solution Architecture Analysis and Design service includes:

HR Technology strategy planning

Design and implementation of new operating models

Leverage Technology for Competitive Advantage

AI and Automation Design

Technology recommendations to enable you to be more agile

Augmented Technology Intelligence to help you develop continuous improvements and feedback loops

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Security Cloud/SAAS and Mobile Risk Assessment

The Cloud has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses, giving you the flexibility and freedom to manage your workload on the go. But working remotely also has its own risks, and the rise of cyber crime means it’s never been more important to protect your critical data.

Here at BaseLinked we are dedicated to protecting the integrity of your valued business information, so you can trust us to create a mobile solution that is as safe as it is effective.

Our Cloud Security services include:
Our Cloud Security Services Graph

Integrations with Legacy Systems

There’s increasing pressure for businesses of all sizes to compete in today’s digital market. But introducing new technologies can be a huge challenge, especially when you are bringing legacy solutions into the equation. Our team at BaseLinked are here to help your business evolve in harmony with your existing systems, for flexible and painless innovation.

Our approach to Application Modernisation gives you the freedom to improve your existing applications and software and bring your processes into the digital age.
We know that adapting to new ways of working takes time, so we will be by your side throughout the whole process to ensure you and your team are confident and happy with your new technology. Our legacy system integration service includes:

Legacy Systems Icons
Legacy Systems Graph
Agile And Flexible Icons

Agile and Flexible Support

Agility isn’t just a trendy business buzzword; it’s a specific methodology that can revolutionize the way organisations work. The world is constantly changing, and in light of recent major events such as the Covid-19 pandemic it’s now become clearer than ever that businesses need to be able to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected challenges.

That’s why we offer agile, flexible support. We know that your HR and Payroll needs are likely to change as your business grows, so we’re always on hand to offer the advice and support you need when the time comes.