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HR Data Integration

BaseLinked elevates your HR operations as a trusted Ceridian Dayforce Consulting Partner and SnapLogic Certified Partner. We guarantee that both technical and functional aspects are delivered flawlessly by our HR and IT experts. Somewhat of a hybrid we are both HR Technology domain experts and Integration professionals. Bridging the gap between HR and IT.

Ceridian HR Data Integration.
By enabling the seamless fusion of HR data, our partnership allows you to accelerate the evolution of your Dayforce HCM and open the door to a unified employee experience.

With pre-built connections, which allow you to quickly move Ceridian Dayforce HR data between systems. As a result, multiple systems are connected, data silos are broken, and data accessibility is improved.

We are a match made in digital heaven thanks to the special
blend of BaseLinked’s HR IT experience and SnapLogic’s
cutting-edge technology.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to seamless, rapid, and scalable Dayforce integration with your HR apps.

Leveraging SnapLogic we put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to facilitating seamless information flow between your Ceridian Dayforce HR platform, ATS, performance management, L&D, well-being applications, benefits administration tools and anything else ERP.

Unlock the Full Potential of Ceridian Dayforce Integration

  • IT Challenges Can Be Opportunities – Throw aside the idea of allocating internal IT resources to data integration. BaseLinked is on your side and will manage the data mapping between the source and target systems.
  • Real-Time Data Sharing Unleashed – Embrace the power of near-real-time data sharing through API-to-API connections. Get Real-Time Insights Now.
  • Embrace digital HR transformation – At BaseLinked, we are laser-focused on HR data integration as part of digital HR transformations or HR Technology optimisation programmes.
    Transform Your Data Silos
  • Customised to Your Needs – You can optimise and automate HR processes like never before using SnapLogic Ceridian connectors, which were created for common integration use cases or specific use case. The greatest thing, though? Pay solely for use cases that satisfy your specific requirements.

Free resource

Bridging the HR Tech Divide

Download your free guide for Bridging the HR Tech Divide and find out how to seamlessly integrate data into a streamlined platform to improve data precision, operational efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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Amp Up Your Applicant Tracking Systems with Ceridian Integration

Experience the transformation in talent acquisition with Ceridian:

  • ATS Integration: Merge ATS systems like iCIMS and TeamTailor effortlessly.
  • Streamlined Recruiting: Link Ceridian job requests to your ATS.
  • Real-Time Updates: Witness candidate-to-employee status changes instantly.
  • Dynamic Solution: Utilise our all-encompassing solution for efficient hiring.

Personalise your Employee Onboarding experience

Transform your onboarding experience with our personalised and efficient solutions:

  • Customised Onboarding: Tailor the onboarding journey for each employee type, transforming it from average to outstanding.
  • Integrated Systems: Link your ATS, Ceridian, Service Now, and training systems seamlessly to increase productivity.
  • Automated Learning: Simplify documentation, training, and learning through automation.
  • Empowering Recruits: Provide new hires with necessary resources for a smooth and fast team integration.

ServiceNow IT Case Management Integration

Elevate your HR process with our Service Now to Ceridian integration:

  • Workforce Self-Serve: Enable employees to raise HR issues directly from slack, MS Teams or via mobile device.
  • Multiple Categories: Cover a range of capabilities, including benefits, payroll, and talent management.
  • Agent Allocation: Assign each case to a specific HR agent or team, enhancing the employee experience.
  • Foster real-time communication through multiple channels like phone, email, or chat, enabled by SnapLogic integration.

Cornerstone L&D Integration

Transform your team’s potential with our Ceridian HCM and Learning Platform integration:

  • Access to Learning: Equip your employees with access to learning pathways, courses, and resources.
  • Personalised Courses: Allow managers to create custom courses based on job, skill set, or career path.
  • Enabled by SnapLogic: All these features are facilitated by the seamless SnapLogic integration.

Bring an end to double data entry by allowing Dayforce to seamlessly integrate with any
technology with or without APIs. We integrate to anything.


Explore the full capabilities of the Ceridian Dayforce Human Capital Management (HCM) system by leveraging the strength
of seamless connectivity with SnapLogic.  Focus on maximising your data and streamlining your organization’s processes
instead of confusing APIs.

Effortless Integration

Say goodbye to XSLT skills! Unite the Ceridian Dayforce Human Capital Management (HCM) system
with diverse enterprise platforms rapidly. No coding required.

Simplified Processes

No more navigating through the labyrinth of an ESB. Experience seamless integration that’s as easy as a snap.

Flexible Workflows

Easily introduce or remove applications to workflows. Streamline your operations with utmost ease.

Deployment Options

From on-premises to the cloud, we provide deployment options that suit your specific needs.
Choose your way of working.

Data Management

Explore and identify data objects and fields with our simple inspection tool.
Pick what suits your requirements effortlessly.

Ceridian customers use the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud to combine data from on-premises or cloud-based sources, whether it’s for speeding up the onboarding of new employees or gaining insightful information from cloud and enterprise apps, unlocking data silos is a non-negotiable to succeed in a data-driven future.


As partners of SnapLogic and Ceridian, we occupy a special position at the convergence of HR experience and cutting-edge
technology. Our expertise in managing the technical and functional sides of your projects ensures not only a smooth process
but also the delivery of unrivalled value.

Our End-to-End Service Offerings

  • HR Solution Delivery –
    From project inception to design, build, and optimization, we ensure flawless execution of HCM and integration solutions.
  • Improved Employee Experiences –
    We boost productivity and engagement with enhanced data continuity and accessibility for an unmatched employee experience.
  • Data ETL/ELT Modelling –
    Monitor, manage and scale all data pipelines with ease to your selected target destination.
  • Tech & Solution Architecture Design –
    We design solution architecture mapping to your unique business cases and implement process and tools improvements for optimum results.
  • Third party systems integration –
    With integrations to best-in-class enterprise applications including SAP, Workday, Oracle,
    Service Now, we amplify your operational capabilities.
  • Requirements gathering –
    We define data integration models and map system architectures based on your specific requirements.
  • PMO governance –
     From managing multiple HR Technology and IT vendors to implementing a data governance and quality control strategy, we ensure the smooth operation of your project.
  • Data migration and Decommissioning of Legacy Systems –
    Count on us for dynamic data migration, decommissioning readiness, and business continuity planning.

BaseLinked is more than just your average HR Technology vendor; we are a strategic partner committed to assisting you in
successfully transforming your HR operations in a way that benefits you. By drawing on our in-depth expertise in both HR and
IT deep tech, we offer an end-to-end solution that goes above and beyond the standard. The future agility and innovation your
organisation is backed by our ongoing dedication to provide quality, value, and reliability.

Are you ready to witness our end-to-end digital HR solutions’ disruptive potential in action?
Let’s start the HR transformation right now!

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