Agile Vendor Review and Selection

Agile Vendor Selection

Selecting the right vendor for your tech is an important decision that can make or brake
your project. With so many vendors to choose from and a myriad of different platforms on
offer, how do you know you’re making the right decision?

Like any new venture, it’s essential to do your homework first and ask yourself some important questions to help you decide what you are looking for. Here are a few to help you make sense of it all.

Round 01

This might sound like an obvious question, but it’s surprising how often users’ preferences get overlooked. All too often, new systems are introduced by people who aren’t going to be involved with them once they go live, leaving the end user struggling with software that doesn’t meet their needs. Before making a selection it’s essential that you involve your end users in the decision making process so you know it works for them.

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Adopting any new way of working takes time, so you want to be sure that the vendor you choose will still be around for you when your project goes live. Beware of sales driven vendors who promise you the world but don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart – a truly great vendor is one who will take the time to understand how your organisation works and is prepared to be totally honest if their product isn’t the perfect fit.

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Even when you’re buying new technology, human relationships are still really important. During the selection process take the time to get to know the different personalities involved and understand the roles they will take in your partnership. You will need to speak to more than the salesperson; there should be a dedicated project manager, HRIT architect and product specialist who can answer all your questions about how the product will work in your organisation

Round 04

The best HR tech vendors understand the importance of looking after people, both inside and outside their company. When making your choice, ask yourself if their staff seem happy, organised and well informed and how you feel you have been treated as a customer. if there are any alarm bells – even if their product seems amazing – it’s important to take these into consideration and continue your search.

More About Vendor Cultures

Software companies can differ wildly in their organisational set up and cultures, with some being led by
tech whizzes, and others by entrepreneurs or HR managers.

Ultimately, tech companies are looking to grow their businesses and profits, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of
your organisation. Look for a partner that can demonstrate their commitment to your business goals, as well as their own.

Many of the newer big name companies, including Ceridian, Workday and ADP, are innovating and moving quickly,
whereas more established companies such as Oracle and SAP are more focused on ensuring the quality of their well loved
services. Take the time to work out what fits your aspirations best by reading as many reviews as you can and researching
the vendor’s senior executives.

Some takeaway thoughts

  • This is an exciting time for the market, with lots of opportunities and innovations to consider
  • The way we view HR tech has moved from systems of records to systems of intelligence and productivity
  • A “ one size fits all” approach is never going to work. The key to successful technology is to find a system that works for your
    individual needs and can be scaled up as you grow.
  • The ultimate goal is to help you increase productivity and free up your HR staff to do the job they are trained to do, not get
    bogged down in time consuming systems and procedures.