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It’s common to fall into the trap of learning programming languages and technologies that are outdated, accessible to the majority, and have become a commodity offering little promise for securing your desired career in IT.

Radically different

Our Technology Consultancy Practice and Technology Academy bridges the gap between students, clients, vendors and real-life project opportunities

We harness professional insights and partnerships that only insiders have access to, providing students with the chance to learn and gain hands-on experience with some of the most desirable technologies in the world.

Our Technology Partners are
Globally Recognised and Best In Class

Designed to help aspiring IT professionals thrive in the future of work

  1. Inclusive Learning

    Courses designed for all, regardless of age or background.

  2. Real-life Experience

    Get practical experience with
    real-world projects and simulations.

  3. Flexible Learning Options

    Learn at your own pace, with online and live remote coaching classes available.

  4. Career Opportunities

    Lay the foundation for a career in technology with guidance from industry experts.

Hybrid Classroom, Practical and Hands-on Project Experience

Professional and
Industry Insights

  • Consultancy-Backed Learning:Become part of our vibrant talent community and find an opportunity to gain experience and apply your training in real-world projects alongside us, our clients, and partners

  • Certification Opportunities:
    Earn recognized certifications that validate your skills and enhance your international career prospects

Rapid Application Development

  • B2B and B2C Applications:Our courses teach you to build apps that meet the needs of business clients and individual consumers alike, spanning various industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail.

Advanced Technologies and Integration

  • API Mastery & Cloud Deployment:Learn how to integrate APIs seamlessly and deploy applications across various cloud platforms.

  • Generative AI and Large Language Models:
    Explore the frontier of AI technology, including how to utilize AI to optimize code, automate tasks, and innovate application functionalities.

Community and Continued Learning

  • Mentoring Programs: Gain from ongoing support and guidance through our structured mentoring programs, ensuring you never stop learning.

  • Guest Lectures and Community Events:
    Participate in exclusive workshops and talks by industry leaders, and get embedded within the vibrant BaseLinked community for unparalleled networking opportunities.

We help you bridge the gap
between theory and practical experience

Take your Learning to the next level with
skills that are future proofed

Join Our Dynamic Community for Skills, Knowledge, and Opportunity

Tech Graduates (18+)

Enhance your existing tech knowledge and specialize in cutting-edge low-code and enterprise platform solutions.

Career Shifters

Transition into the tech industry smoothly with our beginner-friendly courses that require no prior tech background.

IT Professionals

Who desire to increase their knowledge and skills within specific IT products to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Advanced technologies with
practical, real-world applications

Learn from the best in the field of low-code development and enterprise software.
Our courses cover a variety of best in class platforms, including:

Enterprise Grade Solutions

Neptune Software:

The ONLY SAP-certified No-Code / Low-Code rapid application development platform
that runs inside SAP.


A cloud-based integration platform and gartner Magic Quadrant Leader. Enables the seamless connection of various applications, data sources, and APIs through its visual lowcode interface.

World Class HR Platforms

Learn how to master the best HR Platforms in the world Dayforce, SAP, Workday, Oracle HCM and HiBob

Unique Learning Topics for Real-life Scenarios

  • Real-Time Project Collaboration: Engage in live group projects that mimic real-world development teams with students from around the globe, enhancing your cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills.

  • Integration: Learn how to connect and automate workflows between various software tools and platforms using SnapLogic. This integration enhances data fluidity and operational efficiency, key for budding developers and IT professionals.

  • AI-Enhanced Development: Utilize AI-driven tools to optimize code quality and speed up project delivery. Understand the role of artificial intelligence in low-code platforms such as Neptune Software and how it can be leveraged to create smarter apps.

  • Industry Compliance & Security: Tackle courses that cover essential protocols for data security and regulatory compliance, crucial for developers working in sensitive sectors such as finance and healthcare.

Our Technology Consulting Academy serves as your gateway to mastering Low-code and Enterprise solutions

Equipping you with the skills to transform your potential into real-world success

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