Simplify your approach to HR and allow your team to focus on what really matters

What Is RPA?

RPA is the use of technology to replace repetitive business processes with automated software solutions.

RPA For Your HR Processes

HR teams spend a significant amount of time on repetitive, often tedious tasks. Deloitte found over 50% of standard HR processes have the potential for RPA integration.

Let software take over time-consuming tasks and leave your team to focus
on meaningful value-adding HR activities.

Robotic Process Automation Timeline

Examples of RPA in HR



Recruitment and Applicant Sourcing

  • Time-consuming candidate sourcing and screening.
  • Repetitive applicant communication and organisation (interview scheduling, documentation collection, queries etc.).
  • Manually processing and storing relevant candidate documentation.
  • Enhanced marketing campaigns that improve recruitment efforts.
  • Optimized candidate screening based on your criteria.
  • Automated applicant communication (chatbots), scheduling, and information processing.

Payroll Management

  • HR staff have to track and verify hours worked by each employee, determine holiday time taken, onboard and validate new staff members, transfer and input payroll data across multiple systems, and more.
  • Automate both daily tasks (timesheets, etc.) and big picture activities (migrating entire datasets into new systems).
  • Increase accuracy and compliance while decreasing the time and money spent on payroll management.


  • Constantly switching between apps for data entry. Following up IT, HR, Security and tracking progress is an entirely manual process.
  • The process can take anywhere from 2-7 days to get a new starter fully productive and set-up.
  • This creates stress for the HR department and impacts the employee experience for the new hire.
  • A streamlined and efficient onboarding with the set-up.
  • Provisioning of access and assets carried out within hours. Creating a frictionless end to end process, enhancing the employee experience and accelerating time to productivity.
  • Allowing HR teams to focus on higher value tasks.

Employee Queries

  • HR staff have to personally respond to queries or redirect staff to relevant information.
  • Chatbots powered by AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) provide accurate responses to staff queries.

With our deep knowledge of HR business processes and the RPA solutions on the market, Baselinked ensures you get a successful RPA transformation that fits your needs.

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RPA for HR is more than just a new digital workforce, it is the future of HR andthe next step towards digital transformation.

Baselinked consultants apply extensive industry knowledge to analyze your current HR systems and take you through the available RPA options that offer:

  • Optimised HR operations
  • Simple integration into your existing HR technology
  • Analytics to prove its worth
  • The best support to ensure success

Get in touch with Baselinked today and discover how RPA uses “robots” to
create an HR experience better suited to all the people involved.