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We select, design, and integrate HR systems that amplify the employee experience & accelerate employee engagement

Where are you on the HR Technology Journey?


Your talent needs a robust HR technology solution that allows them to work smarter and unlock their potential.

Get a fully customised HR system that supports:

  • Enriched Experiences

    Prioritise employee
    experiences and
    moments that matter
    to support their
    ambitions for growth
    and diversification

  • Improved Performance

    When you free your
    teams from mundane activities you give them
    the time, confidence,
    and ingenuity to
    perform better

  • Increased Adoption

    Get buy-in from the
    start, to boost
    engagement and
    achieve optimum
    return on your
    digital investment

  • Better Retention

    Attract the best
    increase retention by
    creating a sense
    of community and

  • Deeper Insights

    Standardized data
    allows for powerful
    analytics, strategic
    workforce planning
    and data-driven


We deliver a HR solution that transforms the way you do business

Our Services illustration

HR Technology Health Check & Implementation Readiness

  • Process and workflow analysis
  • Digital Employee Experience Review
  • Solution architecture review
  • Implementation Readiness Assessment

Adaptive HR Technology Roadmap & Vendor selection

  • Design thinking, business process & requirements mapping
  • Prioritisation of HR capability rollout
  • HR Technology alignment with business outcomes
  • RFP and vendor selection

People-centric HR System Integration & Development

  • Employee moments that matter enabled by technology
  • HR App low code custom development
  • Technology Architecture and Data Design & governance
  • Reporting and Data analytics
  • Integration development, ETL/ELT, automations. API and iPAAS

High Impact Interim HRIT Consultancy Services

  • HRIS Project Managers
  • System Configuration Consultants
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts, PMO, Testers
  • Hypercare Support


Need new HR tech,
but stuck in indecision?

A successful HR implementation is never as
simple as an out-of-the-box installation.

You need the best option that fits your
organization’s growth and changing priorities.

We guide you through the whole end-to-end
journey. From project inception to business case definition, RFP product selection, right through to design, build and optimization.

Get the right HR tech
coworkers having a meeting
Two colleagues discussing a job.

Struggling with a problematic digital HR transformation?

Your project is mid-implementation, but technical roadblocks, skills shortages, or fundamental architecture issues threaten to derail it.

You need to get back on track, fast.

We spot the gaps, design the deliverables, bring
in skilled resources and do the heavy lifting.
To transform your HR implementation into
a lean, adaptable, and scalable solution.

Get back on track

Your existing HR system is not
delivering value

Your current HR system is underperforming and lacks adaptability. Leading to poor user adoption, suboptimal employee experience and reduced productivity.

We get into the weeds, identify the failure points, and mobilise your HR system recovery. From business process improvements, robotic process automation, data strategy to solution architecture and integration adjustments.

We help you build a robust HR solution that empowers your people to work smarter.

Build a better HR solution
HR is talking with employees to discuss the upcoming benefits enrollment.

Don’t get seduced. Prioritise your business needs

Embarking on an HR technology journey can be both thrilling and complex. To ensure your investment delivers maximum value, strategic planning is essential. Don’t risk falling short of your goals and promises.

Delve into the intricacies of your organization, evaluate your unique needs, and avoid the allure of flashy technology that may not align with your requirements.

Don’t get seduced. Prioritise your business needs

Uncover the complexities of your organization, evaluate your unique needs vs wants.

Avoid the allure of flashy out-of-the-box HR technology that lack adaptability and agility.


Our Mission

To take the headaches out of HR technology implementations and create
solutions that deliver continuous improvement & results in a rapidly
changing world.

We’ve seen far too many bad HR implementations happen to good people.

Combining next generation technology and deep HR expertise, we build
adaptable digital HR solutions that put your employees first.

Our Mission illustration

We’ve seen far too many bad HR implementations happen to good people.

Combining next generation technology and deep HR expertise, we build
adaptable digital HR solutions that put your employees first.

In a world of rapid change, empower your people with a
digital HR solution that unlocks hidden potential and allows
high-performing individuals to thrive

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